Installation guide

We use FXblue Trade copier for copying trades. Please follow these steps to set up your EA:

1.) Register an account with FXblue at

2.) Log in to your account and download the Trade mirror receiver EA at:

3.) Send us your FXblue username by EMAIL, as we have to add you to our subsciber list.

4.) Follow the EA installation instructions, restart your MT4 and add the EA to your chart.
Set the Common tab as you see on the picture below:

5.) Set the following inputs:

Channel: 247moneymanagement
Username: Enter your FXblue username here
Password: Enter your FXblue password here
ForexSymbolSuffix: none

6.) You are all set, you should now see a blue screen and a connection to our sender
account: 247moneymanagement. If you have any troubles, contact us below.

RISK SETTINGS: You can adjust the risk settings, if you would like to increase or decrease the risk from default settings. Within "inputs" there is a column with the name "UseRiskFactor". By default its 1.0. If you set it to 2.0, for example, your risk will be twice as high, if you set it to 0.5, your risk will be half of our risk, etc.

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